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Yakusoku no Neverland 2nd Season Episode 2

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Kiritoyo It has its dark tones still but this seems suspiciously hopeful at present...waiting for it to start popping off.
24 days ago
Nanisannn 01:40 start
a month ago
Amber_Bamber I wish I could already see the next episode, the series are so trilling!
a month ago
jaalfunyuns I know barely anyone is an actual hunter or butcher, but i feel like this is important as hell to experience. You should be able to realize and respect what you are eating had lived as a body and be able to care more for what you are eating. Obviously not every time but for any new experience think through it. If you don't like thinking about the living part and what to eat your chicken nuggets as if its like processed chips then that to me is a weak move on you to still eat it. (And if you are so hurt by the eating of animals that its the reason why youre vegan or vegetarian i also find that as a weak move. Yes you can fight to improve the farming/food industry with its load of issues but no consumer choices will stop the latter who dont think about it to stay dumb and not care even if it ruins the environment, so take that fight to the highest level and shit.) Anyways, a lot of you guys on here i assume dont even live in a place/lifestyle where you could just go and hunt (no not killing animals with your guns for psychotic high but for actual meals) for butcher casually which is why i say to think about it anyways to where youre comfortable with every detail. The reason being for all this is a because, ironically, i feel like knowing all us carnivores kill to survive opens up a more respectable mindset towards ourselves as a community of humans in considering everyone has lives the same way you know your prey/food was trying its best to survive or care for its family. We go through it because in the most simplest, for other animals its our food, but for any animals we dont eat and all the people we simply coexist with in our earth that are just minding their own business, you can really stop to realize, "hey they probably care for shit the same way i do and its not like i need to murder them so ill not pray to ruin their lives for my own selfish reasons when they in actuality have done nothing personally wrong to me". This is a bit straying off from the Yakusoku no Neverland themes but at least to me the scene really hit generally and this is an attack on "modern western bigots", because i think we can all agree theres always a reason to attack them. Anyways back to eating children i mean uhhh chicken.
a month ago
SilVaSoul andd Emma finally does it herself
a month ago
ringleader11 There must be communication and exchange between the two worlds. The architecture and way of life resemble human endeavors circa 1800, after all. Certainly, printing of books made by paper did not start becoming popular until the 1500s or so in Europe. The existence of a library on the farm, as well as donations of books, imply that there's a source for this. Together, also, with the very human-esque tracking device, polaroid cameras, etc., all suggest some level of communication and exchange between the two worlds.
a month ago
ohime_sama errr
a month ago
datweebboi i can imagine trump saying to the demons we will build a wall lmao
a month ago
geekjerry Sweet! <3
a month ago
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Yakusoku no Neverland 2nd Season

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Type : TV Series
Genre: Mystery Shounen Psychological Sci-Fi Thriller
Date aired : Jan 06, 2021
Status : Ongoing
Prequel: Yakusoku no Neverland
Second season of Yakusoku no Neverland.