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Virtual-san wa Miteiru Episode 1

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Latest Episode Comments
kweh i think this is just for meme purposes but this is just pushing the cringe...
3 months ago
Below_Average Every day, we stray further away from god
4 months ago
Aryan Same reaction as last person
4 months ago
Kazuma11291 ..................... nope. I'm out.
4 months ago
demitsuru Too much diluted real VRchat. In the end of the episode: " Wouldn't being a little girl make you all happy?" "May everyone become little girls!" I can't stand anything that targeting male audience with fake cuteness.
4 months ago
Betol VR in the first place is a total letdown, but at least its company driven, not all that garbage western cheesy women episode stuff, I hope they wont try to compete with this company and try to make episodes themselves, just leave it to professionals instead.
4 months ago
OniichanKillua the heck is this VR Chat Anime?
4 months ago
Luvstagrind Why? Why is this a thing? Has the anime industry run out of ideas so badly that they are resorting to this?
4 months ago
sawtooth kore wa nandesuka? :|
4 months ago
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Virtual-san wa Miteiru

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Type : TV Series
Genre: Comedy Music
Date aired : Jan 13, 2019
Status : Ongoing
No synopsis information has been added to this title.