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Tsurune: Kazemai Koukou Kyuudoubu Episode 13

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Nam_luf Hope have more
a month ago
AbyssGearSyxx It's a sports anime but they sorta grew fast. If they mostly kept the same ability to hit and just began to hit more accurately they'd be just as good as adults. They did give some discrepancy but Minato and Shu basically shot bulleyes always when in top form so they'd already be comparable. I almost think that the girls team would be a better long term anime.
5 months ago
SpadeAvery that was a pretty great ending
7 months ago
Mystogan just one word, AMAZING!
7 months ago
PoisonQueen001 Such a beautiful anime I really enjoyed watching this so much!!!!! I absolutely loved the ending song so pretty!!
7 months ago
Seetef Such a great watch, would love to see more!
7 months ago
Lithae I had a feeling! I was hoping they'd find out if that were the case at some point, not just hint at it. Hopefully we have another season.
7 months ago
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Tsurune: Kazemai Koukou Kyuudoubu

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Type : TV Series
Genre: School Drama Sports
Date aired : Oct 21, 2018
Status : Ongoing
The story follows Minato Narumiya. Minato played Japanese archery in middle school, but after a certain incident, he ran away from the sport. In high school, Minato meets new friends, and together as part of their school's archery club they aim to win the prefectural tournament.