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Tokyo Ghoul:re 2nd Season Episode 4

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Kakashihatake Oh shit I’m confused I think the Washu clan are sympathizers hm not sure..
3 months ago
SpiderIvy This shit is getting boring.
4 months ago
pbaptista98 im starting to think that maybe the washi clan arent ghoul sympathizers
4 months ago
megetinghaked123 is it me or season 2 just skipped a lot of things?
5 months ago
6 months ago
jerico1991 This book claims that the washu clan are ghoul sympathizers. :Animefreak: The Washu clan aren't Goul sympathizers:
6 months ago
talll13 say... are washu clan ghouls sympathizers?
7 months ago
TokyoGhoulS3 I don't understand it too but it's awesome who care's Lol
a year ago
Gggmgl Am I the only one who doesn’t get season 2 at all.... ._____.
a year ago
Godofspartans32 actually fancy in: Organizations, CCG Washuu Clan English EDIT COMMENTS (143) SHARE Washuu clan clean The Washuu clan (和修家, Washū-ke) are a ghoul clan that originated from the Middle East. They have frequently practiced cannibalism throughout their long history, giving them powerful RC cells even from birth. They were involved in the formation of the CCG and are the central family leading it. Its members have hunted ghouls for well over a century, exterminating them using specialized methods. In 1890, the Japanese government enlisted the family in the founding of the Counter Ghoul Institution (喰種対策院, Gūru Taisaku in), a federal government agency that would manage and pursue ghouls.[1] Since then, its members have acted as prominent officials within the law enforcement agency. It is noted that Washuu members are known for being serious investigators who are concerned about results and are hard to get along with, as they are willing to sacrifice many people to complete their missions, perceiving fellow investigators only as numbers. The only known exception is Yoshitoki Washuu, who is notable for having been hospitable and benevolent to his subordinates. Eto Yoshimura later claimed the Washuu clan has a long-standing alliance with the ghoul organization V. She further alleges that the clan was involved in a conflict with a powerful one-eyed ghoul and this conflict resulted in the formation of the CCG.[2]
a year ago
Caleb778 ...shit man... it be like it do sometimes.... shit man.....
a year ago
Fancyskull232 the washi clan erent ghoul sympathizers...
a year ago
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Tokyo Ghoul:re 2nd Season

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Type : TV Series
Genre: Drama Seinen Mystery Horror Action Psychological Supernatural
Date aired : Oct 09, 2018
Status : Ongoing
Prequel: Tokyo Ghoul:re
Second season of Tokyo Ghoul:re.