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Tejina-senpai Episode 7

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Bwana I only just now realized she was a senior student and not a teacher just starting her career....I might be more retarded than I previously thought I was.
4 months ago
TheOddWaffle I’m happy this anime is comedy shorts. If it was a real anime I’d be disappointed. Everything works in this anime and I love it.
4 months ago
Draconus i love this anime its so fun it makes my day
4 months ago
kaasbroodje fIRST
4 months ago
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Type : TV Series
Genre: School Ecchi Comedy Seinen
Date aired : Jul 02, 2019
Status : Ongoing
Our MC finds out that his school requires him to join a club and during his reluctant search he stumbles upon Tejina-senpai attempting magic tricks in her clubroom. Tejina-senpai has massive stage fright however and so now that she has an audience her attempts are simply comedic.