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Tejina-senpai Episode 11

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F2sh had a youtube tab open and the second i hit play on here i got 'hey vsauce micheal here' ... dead
3 months ago
Bwana His last magic tricks in the show should be "the ring appearing on the finger" and "the disappearing-reappearing sausage"
4 months ago
ivizina79 I honestly was drinking water when he brought up Magic Mirror van and spit water out because i started laughing too hard.
4 months ago
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Type : TV Series
Genre: School Ecchi Comedy Seinen
Date aired : Jul 02, 2019
Status : Ongoing
Our MC finds out that his school requires him to join a club and during his reluctant search he stumbles upon Tejina-senpai attempting magic tricks in her clubroom. Tejina-senpai has massive stage fright however and so now that she has an audience her attempts are simply comedic.