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Radiant 2nd Season Episode 19

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6 days ago
ringleader11 The beings in the forest are based on fantasia. So when the fantasia was pulled out, they died. The sorcerers who are infected, and are then able to use fantasia, are negatively affected because they are not made of pure fantasia like the woodland creatures like Jill. Normal humans, who cannot sense nor use fantasia, are not affected by the machine. But also, you have to give a little bit of poetic license for the writers to depict horrifying destruction.
a year ago
AbyssGearSyxx So i am having a hard time understanding how this episode won't be the utter end of the entire planet. The human body is alive for two major reasons. We have the blood that lets us cycle nutrients, and we have the heart that pumps it. Negating fantasia, if it causes plants to straight up wither.. would be like making a heart stop beating. That is to say that anything that relies on it would die probably but would still physically be there. What Merlin is about to do is like pulling all the blood out of everything to himself. Where as a person/animal can survive moments of stagnant blood flow, if their blood was forcefully pulled out of their veins at high volumes they'd stand no chance. The very next thing that bothers me is... is fantasia usage linked to living things... or not? Or yes but mostly in particular relation to that ancient forest. If it always had relation to being alive... then wouldn't fantasia negation be the equivalent of causing anyone nearby to die? They sorta dimmed the line and now I am not sure about what fantasia even is except 'energy' of some sort. If it's just that some beings are made of fantasia and others aren't, then Merlin literally caused the death of those he loved by spreading the teachings of magic which not only turned those made of fantasia and their lifelihoods into weapons but also spurred people to find the counter to it.
a year ago
obeseasian there is no such thing as redirects on this website only gogoanime does that bruh you fool!
a year ago
a year ago
mccan95 By my beard Merlin is enraged
a year ago
henmoro I would say first but the spam redirects kept messing up my typing.. This site has really went down hill
a year ago
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Radiant 2nd Season

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Type : TV Series
Genre: Fantasy Action Adventure Magic
Date aired : Oct 02, 2019
Status : Ongoing
Prequel: Radiant
Second season of Radiant.