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Psycho-Pass 3 Episode 3

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Latest Episode Comments
mixi333 nice plot external advanced system ,fight between brain systems :P
7 months ago
moldyryebread I love this show
7 months ago
Luvstagrind "why did a foreigner get checked up before me?" maybe because HE MADE AN APPOINTMENT AHEAD OF TIME, DIPSHIT! Doctors don't give a shit about nationality or race
7 months ago
chesjzh I love the double length episodes ohmygoodness and what talented storytellers man it's not the greatest of all time in my book at least but it's still amazingly well made :)))
7 months ago
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Psycho-Pass 3

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Type : TV Series
Genre: Police Action Psychological Sci-Fi
Date aired : Oct 25, 2019
Status : Ongoing
Prequel: Psycho-Pass 2nd Season
Psycho-Pass 3 follows two new rookies trying to understand the Sybil System and seek the truth in the ever changing world of Psycho-Pass.