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Pet Episode 2

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DistortedCrow Its pretty good, with a similar plot to "to the moon", "inception" or Paprika. Whats not to love?
5 months ago
Maddie_xo i do find it funny how the word homophobia is being thrown around so casually. A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder defined by a persistent and excessive fear of an object or situation. No one is having a fearful panic about the gay community. It's just people not liking a type of person. It's like, imagine you have a neighbour (Person A). Everyday, or every now and then you may cross paths or catch site of the person. Barely exchanged words. Say you learn they like to garden and meditate, in their front yard. So all out in public. And say, you (Person B) don't like gardening or listen to meditation music. You have your own reasons for it but its just something you know in your soul, that you don't like either. But what you do like to do in your garden is to listen to rock music and building furniture in your front yard. You decide, not my type of friend, dont like the same stuff. And you carry on with your life. But soon you start to clash from time to time. Person B makes a comment about not feeling comfortable doing their furniture building outside because Person A Keeps showing up and it makes them no longer enjoy their hobby or listen to their music. People tell person B to stop being silly and just leave it at that. Person A then starts to kick up a fuss. they don't like seeing furniture being built outside or hearing the rock music and that Person B also doesnt like seeing their gardening or meditation and demand to be respected and have both things stop . But if Person B said anything bad about Person A, person B is punished because they don't like gardening or meditating...? However Person A becomes a victim because they had to listen to rock music and see furniture building? I don't see the phobia in this story, and yet the same thing is happening in comment sections everywhere online? No one actually hurting anyone. If homophobia is going to be kept being thrown stupidly so casually around then Hetrophobia needs to spread around too. Want everything equal and fair right?
6 months ago
PIERROT lol @ everyone being like is this .. . gay ? internalized homophobia is still rampant 2020 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
7 months ago
boa_desu So its basically like Inception.. Looking good, im in! :D
7 months ago
Psycrow Is this gay 2 ? cuz then im out..i dont like gay people..they are sick
7 months ago
kbates1 People are thinking peons. BUT the gayness does make me feel weird, but the plots tough. Good thing I'm free unlike you guys, and NO being not free isn't all that, you just scurred.
7 months ago
Orge way is it bad to be gay? humans are so bad to evolve
7 months ago
EmpressAries lol if it's not a bunch of bro dude fighting or a bunch of grunting, must be gaaaaay herp derp. found the 'murican.
7 months ago
castro im so confused. it also seems a lil uh. gay. lmfao
7 months ago
ParadiseKiss I’m just here for the intro
7 months ago
chesjzh It's not bad I don't see the problem
7 months ago
Anail Ok, I drop this. Not working for me.
7 months ago
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Type : TV Series
Genre: Seinen Mystery Psychological Supernatural
Date aired : Jan 06, 2020
Status : Ongoing
There are people who can get into people's minds and control their memories. This power is used to eradicate mysteries and cases or worse, to assassinate. The potential of said power is strong enough that it is able to destroy people's minds, however, it can backfire and eat up ones own heart. To counter it, chains are used to lock and protect each other's weak and dangerous hearts. From one's growing fear and disdain, they're consequently called as a "Pet."