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Overlord III Episode 13

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zer0lel0uch Long live the supreme overlord Ainz
22 days ago
Meeowmeeows He’s like sans older brother
a month ago
DzikaKielbasa 23:30 got em
3 months ago
Deathismyname Season 4 I demand a season 4.
4 months ago
burp-san Sad king lost everything
5 months ago
takoturtle22 season 4 will come out eventually, just like S2 of no game no life, we simply need to be patient
6 months ago
Lkiller_logan hurry hurry s5
7 months ago
SweetCrosby I don't see why they don't just do the arc with the bow girl? Thats easily half a season, but I guess the problem is the other half.
8 months ago
diablonemesis from what i found on internet season 4 will not come out any soon...this is what i found: " With that said, a Season 4 might not happen for a while, not because there isn’t consumer interest but because there are various challenges that need to be overcome before it can be made. In short, the Overlord light novels have a serious issue in that they don’t necessarily follow chronological order. Instead, they like to revisit the same scenes from different perspectives, thus providing more information in the process. Meanwhile, the Overlord anime does follow chronological order, thus creating a problem in the process.Simply put, the people behind the Overlord anime can’t go about putting things into chronological order for their adaptation without having access to the source material that needs to be rearranged. Unfortunately, they need more of the source material than usual for the upcoming segment because it is a longer-than-normal narrative arc. Even worse, the author of the Overlord light novels hasn’t always been perfect about making his writing deadlines, meaning that the whole thing is a case of complications compounded by complications.Still, a Season 4 is bound to happen at some point in time. It won’t be now, but it seems probable that the wait won’t be more than a small number of years at the most."
8 months ago
Lahtac This is one great anime
8 months ago
0rion What a good show! Anyone know details about season 4??
8 months ago
JoeBags116 Already Hype for season 4!!
10 months ago
shotgunsyke tons.why?
10 months ago
Waddletop hype for season 4
10 months ago
Kigdron this anime is waiting ya season 4 :)
10 months ago
Tons It's totally freak I can't watch in this site
10 months ago
Seckt awesome series
a year ago
a year ago
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Overlord III

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Type : TV Series
Genre: Game Fantasy Action Adventure Magic Supernatural
Date aired : Jul 10, 2018
Status : Ongoing
Prequel: Overlord II
Third season of Overlord.