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Overlord II
Overlord II

Second season of Overlord.

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Season : Winter 2018
Rating : Teen +17
Status : Ongoing
Type : TV Series
First Aired : Jan 01, 2018
Prequel : Overlord
Sequel : Overlord III

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Latest Reviews
edwayneofficial the only think i don't like about this anime is how it doesn't make sense a lot happened...which i was cool with but nothing that occurred held any value. I mean it's common in isekai's for random events to take place but to this moment i still don't know who the antagonists are?? Still the anime is captivating and i just finished two seasons in a day
4 months ago
ZhonLord Season 2 of Overlord follows two and a half story arcs across its runtime. The first arc picks up right where Season 1 left off; going after the Lizardmen tribes in order to boost the ranks of Ainz’s undead. However, things take a bit of a twist here in that Ainz himself is not the central focus of Season 2. At first it’s the lizardmen themselves and how they cope with the challenge that has been issued to them, with only brief asides into the Nazarick cast to get new insights into several of them – especially Cocyutus. The second arc follows Sebas as he continues acting as bait to lure out those who may become threats to Nazarick, with the half-arc leading into a plot put together by Demiurge. Throughout all of Season 2, Ainz is only a side character which works surprisingly well – we already know he vastly out-powers everything around him, so by only occasionally getting his input it leaves the rest of the cast plenty of room to grow and develop – Nazarick and natives alike. There’s also considerably more action compared to Season 1, now that the heaviest exposition is done and lesser characters are able to take on more reasonable foes. Production values are up to the standard set in Season 1, nothing new to say about music or facial expressions, and the animation is still excellent and actually gets new moments to shine as additional abilities and magic items are brought to the table. The biggest weakness of Season 2 is the pacing. The lizardman arc goes on about an episode too long, there was that much padding scattered throughout to fill the runtime. As a result the first half of the season feels more plodding than patient, mileage will vary on whether this is a minor or major sticking point. The second arc is much stronger; they have a larger cast of interconnected characters and plots to work with as well as more motivations to analyze. Overall, Overlord II is a solid continuation to the first season and sets the stage for how events will play out in Season 3, if you liked the first season then keep watching and just be ready for some slow parts in the first half.
5 months ago
larom23 Even though this season does seem a little bit slow, I think it was pretty good and that it is best not to skip it because it will be harder to understand some characters and their relationships in season 3 without watching this season.
6 months ago
Chypotlay When having to wait one week for an episode the season was feeling like it was stalling as f. Revisitng it now, it is actually pretty damn good. and has a decent amount of action in it. The whole lizard arc is pretty original and entertaining, plus you get a whole lot of insight into the working of Nazarick and more world building in general. The second half is getting rid of the impression that Nazarick is in the grey or just slightly evil, but yes indeed pretty bad for everyone but non-humans . (Demiurgus acquiring new 'resources')
a year ago
CallMeReaper Lets begin this season, this is the 2nd season and im watching it all in 1 day! When i finish s3 im gonna be pissed
a year ago
Sins Unfortunately it was pretty slow during the beginning, it started to speed up at around episode 5 and get back on track to its original speed. The first few episodes seemed like filler, since the events were never mentioned anytime afterward during this season. Character development is getting better and I definitely enjoyed seeing the capabilities of a few characters. I would recommend watching this season if you'd like some small additives to the story.
a year ago
sonicstormer Sure was a whole lot of.... lizards... and nobodies this season. But if you like boring arcs that only occasionally, or briefly, feature our protagonist, go nuts! Honestly, if you skipped to season 3, you really wouldn't miss anything of substance.
a year ago
mohamed123 it are ready did
a year ago
tamerfs when's the next season coming out?
2 years ago
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Watch Overlord II Episodes Online
Overlord II Watch Online in HD. You can find English Subbed Overlord II Episodes here. Just click on the episode number and watch Overlord II English sub online