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Noragami Episode 5

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Meliodas55 Anime fucking dope if anyone says the anime the anime trash they trash
a month ago
Tiktokbot i only get A's or i get the broom stick
3 months ago
underspike13 call me young zebra slayer
7 months ago
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Type : TV Series
Genre: Action Shounen Adventure Supernatural
Date aired : Jan 05, 2014
Status : Finished
Yato is a minor deity who lacks even a single shrine. In order to build his own shrine and gain recognition as a god, he scrawls his cell number on the wall of a downtown bathroom telling people he will help them in exchange for a 5-yen offering, becoming a self-styled "delivery god." Hiyori, the daughter of a respectable family, is almost killed in a traffic accident, but is rescued by Yato. This causes her to become a "hanyou," a person who can exit her body in soul form. She chases Yato down, and they begin to work together to help Yato be recognized. Yato also finds a boy named Yukine who becomes a Regalia, a "sacred treasure" that can be used by a god as a weapon to fight. The three of them battle phantoms who bring harm to humans as Yato's dark hidden history is gradually revealed.