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Naruto Episode 146

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nishantghmr Sakura is use less
2 months ago
RockyReyver @DigX13 idkw your complaining so bad like literally EVERY free anime site has ads and i bet the people who run these types of websites are tryna make a living
2 months ago
NarutoFanBoy69 i dont mind the ads i mean they only occur in the first like 20 second after that you can watch with no interuptions
4 months ago
Keizer both are ok bc brave also has adblock the only thing not ok is to complain in the comments about your incompetence to use the internet
6 months ago
davidafoo Or just use adblocker...
9 months ago
Roninblitz just use brave it helps alot
9 months ago
OIiwerek88 If you don’t like to watch stuff on this cite then don’t
9 months ago
DigX13 I said once and I'll say it again,animefreaktv go fuck yourself,stop interrupting the videos to push your shitty fucking browser,my browser works and has always worked,it's not enough that the page is covered in ads for hentais and all that kind of shit? I know you guys depend on ads and everything,but stop interrupting the videos saying my browser doesn't work just so you can push you fucking shitty browser that sponsors you!! Fuck you animefreaktv,FUCK YOU!
10 months ago
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Type : TV Series
Genre: Comedy Action Shounen Martial Arts Super Power
Date aired : Mar 11, 2013
Status : Finished
Sequel: Naruto Shippuuden
Naruto Uzumaki, a hyperactive and knuckle-headed ninja, lives in Konohagakure, the Hidden Leaf village. Moments prior to his birth, a huge demon known as the Kyuubi, the Nine-tailed Fox, attacked Konohagakure and wreaked havoc. In order to put an end to the Kyuubi's rampage, the leader of the village, the 4th Hokage, sacrificed his life and sealed the monstrous beast inside the newborn Naruto. Shunned because of the presence of the Kyuubi inside him, Naruto struggles to find his place in the village. He strives to become the Hokage of Konohagakure, and he meets many friends and foes along the way.