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Mushibugyou Episode 26

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normucalmu1986 Is anyone already playing Sex-Anime Game ?=) Im a girl, searching for Sex partner! My character name is Jessinside20
3 months ago
Meuto This anime story is good bt this show is lacking proper animation and dialogue
7 months ago
IIDexterity-_- If you made it here. Welcome. It was an amazing anime wasnt't it?
2 years ago
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Type : TV Series
Genre: Shounen Martial Arts
Date aired : Apr 13, 2013
Status : Finished
The action story is set in Edo-era Tokyo in the early 1700s. The eighth shogun Tokugawa Yoshimune ordered boxes to be installed so commoners can submit their thoughts. After hearing their voices, the shogun creates a new magistrate unit—Mushibugyou—to protect the people in the heart of the city. Each member is a specialist with unique fighting skills.