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Monster Musume no OishasanMonster Girl Doctor Episode 12

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Rhawkas As Sunslayer said, this is based on a series of light novels that have nothing to do with Monster Musume no iro Nichijou. If you want more of this story you can go read the light novels.
7 months ago
Sunslayer what original are you two on about ? this is a different work from a different artist.
7 months ago
krm398 japan videos, its all about the money, nothing else. so if they make good money form it, it'll be back. was sad to see the original not come back but that's how they do things. and promising more doesnt mean it'll happen, they have done that many times and nothing came of it.
7 months ago
Ninzerker "This is just the beginning of the doctors adventure" Really? cause if you peek at the original Monmusu its still only one season... Pretty sure aside from maybe an OVA or two this is it sadly
7 months ago
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Monster Musume no OishasanMonster Girl Doctor

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Type : TV Series
Genre: Ecchi Comedy Fantasy Romance
Date aired : Jul 12, 2020
Status : Ongoing
In the town of Lindworm where monsters and humans coexist, Dr. Glenn runs an exemplary medical clinic for monster girls with his lamia assistant, Sapphee. Whether receiving a marriage proposal by a centaur injured in battle, palpating the injury of a mermaid, or suturing the delicate wounds of a flesh golem, Dr. Glenn performs his job with grace and confidence. But when an unsavory character seeks to steal a harpy egg, how will the unflappable Dr. Glenn respond...?