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Lupin III: Goodbye Partner Episode 1

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Daku i was online when this movie got uploaded in animefreak and didn comment first or some bs like that , there were probably many others which could comment but no one cares abt that shit but only to watch anime .
3 days ago
LitoraLee I been waiting for MONTHS for this movie to get translated im so hyped AHHH
4 days ago
Ichhigopro you care tho
4 days ago
Ichhigopro i dont care that im first
4 days ago
Dare peep Dare- Merit, for vibes, on soundcloud
4 days ago
Zetta @Ichhigopro no one fucking cares that you're first fucking normie.
4 days ago
Ichhigopro #tooslow muthafuckas
4 days ago
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Lupin III: Goodbye Partner

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Type : OVA Series
Genre: Comedy Seinen Mystery Action Adventure
Date aired : May 15, 2019
Status : Finished
The new TV special will be about the battles against Jigen, who aims for Lupin who searches for the treasure. Goemon, who is angry because he cannot forgive betrayal of Jigen, will fight along with Lupin against the strongest enemy in the history.