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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Episode 12

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DreamPanda First!
13 days ago
ValiantWeirdo well ya i thought they were hinting too much she is the daemon lord but then in the into we see that fight. so i read the novels , at least in my opinion the twist is far better
16 days ago
dinojc she is and isnt the demon lord, hard to explain without spoiling it but we saw the final form of our main character twice already in the hero's timeline.
a month ago
Personatk I'm starting to think that she is the demon lord herself. I can tell because the final evolution state is where a spider and a human share one body. The human is able to detach the spider so it technically has 2 lives. Maybe the spider part is detached (or died) in a battle.
a month ago
Mashumello So the Demon Lord is her? The over-going of the human and spider dungeon life is both past-and-present events? Wow, nice! I thought she'd have the potential to contend with the Demon Lord, but this is nice as well. Although I agree that a lot, lot more have been cut off for short-term satisfaction and episode-limit, sigh. The Araba have been done exciting and dimensional enough to not be curses for being half-asses in this important scene, even if Araba's eyes at the end didn't shown any emotion to me. On another hand, I thought her spider women(lol) form would looks white and more of a mature lady like her mother(?), but hmm so she would have reincarnated for far longer or maybe mature faster than any of her classmates. With Earth dragon classmate having a bit more significant emotional scene later I guess? Waiting for Spring now!
a month ago
cnamhan this anime makes me want to cry. they've skipped over and rushed so much of the dungeon and the human side of the story is so shallow. i'll never understand why they decided the humans were the only thing they were going to animate properly. the dungeon looks so shit. the Araba fight is probably the best thing they've got so far and you can barely tell what's going on. most of her magic just flies over the screen and we have to pretend it's actually hitting anything. there's no sense of spatial awareness or impact. this whole thing feels so frustratingly hollow
a month ago
demonic47 they cut a lot out of the fight with the hornets last week compared to the manga but they more then made up for it with the fight against Araba
a month ago
CrimsonFluT finally ;0;
a month ago
realmking96 So it's a 24 ep anime, it's going to not air next week (which is the week between winter and spring anime) and the next 12 episodes air in spring.
a month ago
elmarcos95x1 this is a 12 ep season right?
a month ago
Anti1989 YAY! First arc over, now the real fun starts.
2 months ago
grsppirit Ya! This is getting even better! Poor dragon!
2 months ago
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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?

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Type : TV Series
Genre: Comedy Fantasy Adventure
Date aired : Jan 08, 2021
Status : Ongoing
The world where the Hero and the Demon King continue to oppose each other. The grand magic from the Hero and the Demon King cross over worlds and exploded in the classroom of a certain high school. The students who died in the explosion will be reincarnated in a different world. The protagonist, who has the lowest reputation in the class, was reincarnated into a spider. Nevertheless, she adapted quickly to the present condition with strong willpower. This is a story of she who has become a spider trying whatever she can to live.