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Kono Oto Tomare! 2nd Season Episode 13

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carolinaa I’m so happy for them!! Omg it’s over :(. Literally such a masterpiece <3
a month ago
normucalmu1986 Is anyone already playing Sex-Anime Game ?=) Im a girl, searching for Sex partner! My character name is Jessinside20
3 months ago
Doujin13 Whew...due to C19 I get to watch 3-gatsu no Lion, Chihayafuru and this back to back. All Anime about non mainstream sports/club with very good story. Will check If there's a source material, either manga or novel.
a year ago
Kazutori What a perfect ending! Loving it! More!
a year ago
LitoraLee This anime def deserves to be seen more and praised, but don't think mainstream. I don't want the shounentards and normies making their bs complaints, rather i'm much content on showing off this anime to those who'll be able to appreciate it..... ALSO WHERE CAN I BUY A CD
a year ago
dynasty my heart hurts T~T ..........I LOVED IT
a year ago
mad199109 Every fucking episode this season was AMAZING. I cried every episode. The story and plot are just to die for honestly. I don't usually rate 10/10 but I will in this case, gladly. Also, a quick foreshadowing, this episodes title is called "Starting Line"... I really hope they make this a full on expanse over this particular groups spoils of victory. Also consider that SOMEHOW this landed on a Saturday time slot for streaming/airing... I never realized this series would become as popular as it has. Even lightly looking at YouTube koto videos, you will find an anime reference to this series within the first 10 comments. Guaranteed. MAKE THIS ANIME MAINSTREAM PLEASE.
a year ago
mddgct1 Yes, yes, yes............
a year ago
Anil 4th !!
a year ago
hellwalker thirded
a year ago
susake So good!
a year ago
Kyro1080 damn! wut a season!
a year ago
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Kono Oto Tomare! 2nd Season

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Type : TV Series
Genre: School Drama Shounen Music
Date aired : Oct 05, 2019
Status : Ongoing
Prequel: Kono Oto Tomare!
2nd season of Tamare