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Karakuri Circus Episode 14

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tsuninodel1975 Is anyone already playing Sex-Anime Game ?=) Im a girl, searching for Sex partner! My character name is Jessinside20
6 hours ago
mixi333 Lol feel like i watching some anime from middle some new anime ,forgot about what was i watching:P
9 months ago
SERAFHIM meehh ill give it a chance, it might be to create narumi's bg story for building up characters, first the shota then narumi and maybe eleonore too. since animelist says it has 36 eps in total.
a year ago
EeSe People seem to complain a lot about this episode, but I liked it. This episode continued some loose threads that were given few episodes ago and it was obvious that the show was not going to end in shirogane vs circus fight. We got rid of all useless side characters who were there just to act as fodder and can now start the fight with real enemies. Now there is a mystery on the show of who could be the main villain of this show, I'm guessing that Fou is one of the villains. Also the change in OP gave away that there were going to be more to this show.
a year ago
danny7x what the hell man
a year ago
moose656 I've been following this anime since episode 1, but can someone tell me what the hell just happened? Nothing is explained here, and it's literally all Narumi now, what about everyone else?
a year ago
Kewink99 Bull fucking shit, you could have ended the anime on this episode and satisfied all the fans/audience but no, whats the point in that if you can be stupid.
a year ago
TaliZorah2311 Is it just me or the last 4 or 5 episodes seemed rushed?..
a year ago
dankisha Excuse me, but what the fuck?!
a year ago
Betol Weird ass episode. The story is taking a turn for the worst. There are thousands probably looking exactly like doll francine, so far we've seen 4, or 5 women who looked exactly like her, narumo has faint memories of eleonore, had them all along. Yet goes berserk, and in the end gets flustered with more memories and runs off, the whole he's changed, and everything is different now is bullocks. And of course that little crybaby is gone at a very crucial time, man they're stretching it too far. It used to be in order to create a story, they made the viewer not understand why or how things came to be, but now its obvious the only reason that little crybaby is out of the picture is for that very scene, the mystery of it all is blown. They give everything away too easy, and it shouldn't be that way. Meh, R.I.P Karakuri circus. You were a great anime until now.
a year ago
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Karakuri Circus

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Type : TV Series
Genre: Mystery Shounen Adventure
Date aired : Oct 11, 2018
Status : Ongoing
The protagonist, Masaru, has just inherited a big fortune after the death of his father. However, people are trying to get their hands on it by any means necessary, even if it means killing him. Narumi helps Masaru from being kidnapped after fighting strange figures. He finds out that they're not humans, but wooden puppets with amazing strength. After a hard fight, Narumi is forced to admit that he's no opponent for them; and just when he starts to think that Masaru will be captured, Shirogane, Masaru's watcher arrives from France with a weapon, the puppet Arlequin. Here begins the story of Karakuri Circus.