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Kakushigoto (TV)Kakushigoto Episode 8

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Latest Episode Comments
swordfishvirus00 the closer it gets to the end the more painful it will get to watch..
8 months ago
SleckBro Yeah they seem too relaxed
a year ago
chesjzh I love how thoughtful the author is in making this series. Inked lines will never live up to the drafts; reality will never be the same as our plans for it. I guess he must've died or smt but the other characters don't seem too broken up about it, so maybe it's something else.
a year ago
Ahriman9210 @mad199109 thats beautiful.
a year ago
Doujin13 I've read the manga awhile back... And sometimes I feel its caught up, sometimes I feel that it didn't. Or was there new content or was the translation just slow. Ahahaha, I'm confused.
a year ago
mad199109 When you see the "For Sale" sign on the 2nd home... you know what time it is. T-T My heart... help. T-T I have made it a rule with my siblings, now that we are all older: When our parents pass, we are not allowed to sell the house until the last sibling has left this earth. Not for our future families, not for myself, but for each other. I strongly believe that the only place that will remind us of the love for each other... would be the home we group in. In memory, my only message to them, would be to realize that until their last day, I will be there for them. This episode hit home hard... excuse my rant guys lol
a year ago
ceresbane lol splabon.
a year ago
Anil First !!! Nyahhahaha Zack !!
a year ago
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Kakushigoto (TV)Kakushigoto

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Type : TV Series
Genre: Comedy Slice of Life Shounen
Date aired : Apr 03, 2020
Status : Ongoing
"We will open the curtain back in time, to the story of one lone manga creator." This story is about Gotou Kakushi, an artist who draws a somewhat vulgar manga, and tries to hide it for the sake of his daughter, Hime. A father-daughter tale of love and laughter.