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Kakegurui XX Episode 5

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SirCrocodile that amazing grace performance was so good
2 days ago
Nezuko-Chan im getting cringe vibes of her singing amazing grace
3 months ago
InfiniteFloof You both are crazy the school is great. No idea what you're talking about
8 months ago
OAnguishedOne @xMikeOnFire You don't have to be only around women to "deal with the thoughts or emotions" you've listed. Any human, regardless of gender, could experience the emotions you've listed. I agree with Coolerking1 that I would never want to be around any of the characters portrayed in this show, let alone the school as it has corrupted most of the individuals. All of the sane people probably dropped out.
a year ago
xMikeOnFire @coolerking1 This anime just captures the thoughts and feelings humans have and over-emphasizes them through the facial animations. If you've ever been around women then I'm 99% sure you've dealt with at least one of the thoughts or emotions portrayed throughout the 2 seasons of this show. Greed, lust, confidence, hubris, pride, rage, all of these feelings that imo are hard to perfectly capture in animation (let alone film) are almost perfectly portrayed in this show. Season 1 did a somewhat better job by saving the real theme of the episode for the final scenes. When the character would make that over-emphasized face you knew exactly how they felt and could describe it in words, even if you couldn't read or hear what was being said. That's what makes this anime great and why you, me, and many others keep coming back for more.
2 years ago
Ryuibaku Wombo combo
2 years ago
Coolerking1 Honestly about 99% of these women I would never want to be around, they are a bunch of messed up sociopaths.
2 years ago
yata nicuuuuuu
2 years ago
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Kakegurui XX

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Type : TV Series
Genre: School Drama Game Mystery Shounen Psychological
Date aired : Jan 09, 2019
Status : Ongoing
Prequel: Kakegurui
Second season of Kakegurui.