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Ishuzoku Reviewers Episode 12

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Gamithemighty I won't deny that if i had not already been attempting to read through the Graphic novels, this would be a half-decent way to end the series if at least the first season. but I would like to point out a few factors I liked about this series. 1. is the amount of insight the series gives on the different creatures in the story's active universe. there is a wealth of information on the behaviors, traits, and even the reasoning that these creatures may have to the point where you sometimes feel like everything said makes some sort of poetic sense [my favorite so far being the Contract explanation], I love this factor about the series the absolute most. 2. is that the world actually is pretty well thought out to point where it even goes as far as to criticize our own as inferior which to be fair, they are certainly right about that magic vs no magic explanation for dealing with "protection" during relations. I love that little addition the most. as for 3., I'm not fond of the constant need to censor the content or completely blackout the scenes due to censorship laws, but I thankfully can report that the uncensored content does exist and it makes things a lot easier to enjoy ^ ^
7 months ago
realmking96 How can this be end??? They have so much more they can do! They have to go to his hometown, they have to go to heaven, give more backstory to the inn owner, demons, and that magic lady, "slay" a dragon, the number of mythical and fantasy beasts are endless! Plus, he has to eventually get a date with Meidri! Who is he? Obviously Crim.
8 months ago
chlebaTV This is the beginning of the new era. And I love it so far.
8 months ago
BlackRag Oh Man... I so want more of this anime ...
8 months ago
ultraleaf Redacted Comment.
8 months ago
greekpete Yes i have a comment, wait i take back my comment
8 months ago
jess9876 comment comment comment comment ahhh
8 months ago
LitoraLee A comment
8 months ago
WanTuWan No comment
8 months ago
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Ishuzoku Reviewers

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Type : TV Series
Genre: Ecchi Comedy Fantasy
Date aired : Jan 11, 2020
Status : Ongoing
In our world, the human race constantly debates about several important issues, such as: which girl is the best girl? How good is something as fapping material? Which fetish is the sexiest? Accompany these great warriors as they present us with different girls, different opinions, different boners, and show us that the fantasy world may not be all that different from ours. (Source: MU)EditBackgroundNo background information has been added to this title. Help improve our database by adding background information here.