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Isekai Quartet Episode 6

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kweh Darkness and Cocytus.... Ahh i can see the offbrand stuff rolling in now....
a day ago
samuslightsuit OMG! BEST SHIT EVER!! HILARIOUS! Hearing all these voice actors chiming on the same episode kinda sets my heart on fire!
3 days ago
Bwana Well...Its probably for the best that it ended there...
4 days ago
dutchglorius yes i knew it the moment i saw tanya and demiurge together with kazuma on disciplinary duty, it would go bad for kazuma.
4 days ago
dragonson04 Darkness is a bit of a freak...
4 days ago
Ratfoo I thought that Emilia girl would be the president. There would be an imbalance in power if Ainz was head of their class. Demiurge and Tanya are the perfect team, I feel bad for Kazuma who will probably be useless.
5 days ago
whatthefrick third
5 days ago
Chypotlay What have I missed Darkness' screams...
5 days ago
shutupweebs sekond
5 days ago
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Isekai Quartet

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Type : TV Series
Genre: Comedy Fantasy Parody
Date aired : Apr 09, 2019
Status : Ongoing
A mysterious switch appeared one day. Upon pressing it, they were sent to a different alternative world!! There are also characters from other alternative worlds gathered together...!?