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Isekai Quartet Episode 2

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RegretMacGrath Just throw in every fucking Isekai.Smartphone?Yes.Slime?Sure.
13 days ago
TheXIVPlayer I think my brain died
a month ago
Chiefwaffle soooo goooood plz kill me....
a month ago
jtrj1234 laughed
a month ago
Savitaris Not only am I clueless but I'm also broke beyond compare
a month ago
JoeyTwinkletoes this shit is awsome
a month ago
Murmerkerer I fucking love Albedo
a month ago
mr_coon this needs more than 10 mins an episode wtf
a month ago
LitoraLee seeing this anime has stirred something deep within my loins
a month ago
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Isekai Quartet

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Type : TV Series
Genre: Comedy Fantasy Parody
Date aired : Apr 09, 2019
Status : Ongoing
A mysterious switch appeared one day. Upon pressing it, they were sent to a different alternative world!! There are also characters from other alternative worlds gathered together...!?