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Isekai Quartet 2nd Season Episode 9

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speedmccool I don't know why people have a hard on for shield hero. It had a solid start but quickly became pretty generic. Konosuba/Overlord/Tanya/Rezero all atleast tried to be unique. I didn't like overlord either but I could see how people could enjoy it. They should have just rotated in other generic Isekai's as a running joke of "ya these were popular and then died... Like they should have."
3 months ago
rioji-kun finally gave shield hero more screen time
3 months ago
KillJoy Wholesome as HECC
3 months ago
hellwalker Filove-chan.... English lyrics for ending pls... any link?
3 months ago
JusSomSush69 Filo-chan Filo-chan
3 months ago
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Isekai Quartet 2nd Season

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Type : TV Series
Genre: Comedy Fantasy Parody
Date aired : Jan 15, 2020
Status : Ongoing
Prequel: Isekai Quartet
Second season of Isekai Quartet.