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Hatena Illusion Episode 1

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sotuanaphy1976 Is anyone already playing Sex-Anime Game ?=) Im a girl, searching for Sex partner! My character name is Jessinside20
6 days ago
chesjzh Y'all are really going after her huh... it's literally an animated character. We all say and do things we'll come to regret at times so don't judge others at their worst unless you'd like others to judge you the same way damn
3 months ago
Kazuma11291 What a cunt. She's being sexist just because she's an idiot.
3 months ago
LitoraLee This made my head hurt
3 months ago
MaxedEntropy what a stupid girl
3 months ago
Deviious i hate mean girls
3 months ago
moose656 She's not Tsundere, she's sexist as fuck
3 months ago
mad199109 I fucking despise the chick MC. Talk about "off the wall". I would have told her snobby self "Listen to your parents, I'm just here for the moment." Dumb bitches need to be put in their place.
3 months ago
TheBeastInYou They didn't explain well but I kinda prefer that in a first episode. I kinda get how the shows gonna go but it wasn't bad they didn't overdo things like most anime do looking forward to it.
3 months ago
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Hatena Illusion

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Type : TV Series
Genre: Ecchi Comedy Romance Supernatural
Date aired : Jan 09, 2020
Status : Ongoing
Ever since watching a magic show held by him and his wife Maeve, Makoto Shiranui has always admired Mamoru Hoshisato—a world-class magician, as well as friend of his parents—and came to Tokyo to become his apprentice. Kana, nicknamed Hatena, is the couple's daughter and his childhood friend. As the hustle and bustle activities in Tokyo catches Makoto off guard such as burglaries by a beautiful thief, he depends on Hatena's comforting side. When he came to Hoshisato's now-haunted mansion to reunite with his childhood friend, he is greeted by the family's butler and maid, Jeeves and Emma along with Hatena, only to discover that they are not as compatible anymore.