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Given Episode 1

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Bananasplit more !!!!! i need more!!!!
5 days ago
henmoro This animes already got me hooked.. Omg <3
6 days ago
Naab007 I think they misspelled Yaoi..
10 days ago
Ichhigopro DRSTONE
10 days ago
10 days ago
rioji-kun Shounen Ai = BL (boys love)
11 days ago
Chypotlay Giving off the same vibes as Tsurune did last season... though being more explicit.
11 days ago
NagisasBrabbit I think I like this one
11 days ago
castro I cant tell if this show is going to be a yaoi or not, but regardless this first episode was actually really good. I liked it a lot, it had some good humor. I thought the subtleties were really nice, had some good bromance moments and I think its refreshing to see a show with a bunch of dudes getting together and doing something cool rather than a bunch of girls accomplishing something like we've seen so many times before.
11 days ago
Digolot727 Lol ayo for yayoi
11 days ago
LitoraLee I'm done for this and whatever happens
11 days ago
keyboardfox Kyaaaahhh finally an anime that doesn't focus on love at the first episode it airs on. Looking forward for more episodes.
11 days ago
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Type : TV Series
Genre: Drama Shounen Ai Romance Music
Date aired : Jul 12, 2019
Status : Ongoing
"It's stuck deep inside me and I can't get it out of my head. Mafuyu's voice is an insane and dangerous weapon." That day, Ritsuka Uenoyama started to feel that playing the guitar and playing basketball, both of which he liked very much, were becoming boring. He then encounters Mafuyu Sato, who's holding onto a broken guitar, and decides to fix it. The moment Uenoyama finishes fixing the guitar, Mafuyu becomes completely attached to him. However, after hearing Mafuyu sing it leaves a deep impression on him. (Source: MU)