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Fairy Tail: Final Series Episode 45

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SERAFHIM hate so much ppl with spoilers on comments they feel so great when they know whats about to happen and act so high and mighty and be mr know it all, if im thanos imma gonna snap u away this instant.
3 months ago
equelan I would never think the one who defeat Achnologia will be Jellal. Let's see how Zeref will turn to a kid with all that powers. Well on the other hand Lucy and Natsu soul linked I guess ^.^ they will be closer to each other XD
5 months ago
Killer0018 7th, when does the writers gonna give Lucy a Happy Time with Natsu?
5 months ago
5 months ago
Jimooe Next episode is gonna be a disappointing fight... Natsu with bs friendship powers is able to overpower a god smh
5 months ago
mixi333 Gona make a wild guess parts that Lucy wirite are parts that share Natsu and Lucy meaning body parts
5 months ago
stevecass 3rd! what a cliff hanger!
5 months ago
Psycrow Second!
5 months ago
Yuavia first great episode
5 months ago
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Fairy Tail: Final Series

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Type : TV Series
Genre: Comedy Fantasy Action Shounen Adventure Magic
Date aired : Oct 07, 2018
Status : Ongoing
The final season of Fairy Tail.