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Fairy Gone Episode 9

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pasnabati1987 Is anyone already playing Sex-Anime Game ?=) Im a girl, searching for Sex partner! My character name is Jessinside20
4 hours ago
hellwalker gadfaccs = god fucks... :P
8 months ago
OAnguishedOne Man, I thought you were exaggerating how "useless" she is but you were right. She was useless in the first episode but it got worse this episode. During that whole fight scene she couldn't cover Ozz or the main lead dude and when she finally attacks she gets shut down in seconds and becomes literal baggage for Ozz. Poor Ozz. At this point they need to put her through actual combat training because she doesn't seem to know how to fight unless the episode is centered on "girl power."
a year ago
Emptysoul The story becomes irritating...actually what is the main character role? She's fucking useless...
a year ago
Kazuma11291 First the pscyho beauty guy, now this pebble dude. Come on man. I know they're gonna die eventually, but that doesn't your villains can be 1 dimensional.
a year ago
Chypotlay Finally action, sacrifices and some more backstory to the main character.
a year ago
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Fairy Gone

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Type : TV Series
Genre: Fantasy Action Demons Magic Supernatural
Date aired : Apr 07, 2019
Status : Ongoing
"Once upon a time, fairies were tools of war." The story takes place in a world where fairies possess and dwell in animals, giving them mysterious abilities. By removing the organs of a possessed animal and transplanting them into humans, fairies can be summoned as an alter ego and be used as a weapon. Such individuals who used fairies as war tools were called "Fairy Soldiers." Once the war was over and they completed their roles, the soldiers lost their purpose. Some began working for the government, some joined the mafia, and some even became terrorists, as each chose their own way to live. Nine years have passed since the war. The protagonist Mariya is a new recruit of "Dorothea," an organization which investigates and suppresses fairy-related crimes. Amidst the unstable political situation, criminals with lingering wounds from the war and past conflicts emerge and engage in terrorism as an act of revenge. This is the story of Fairy Soldiers, fighting for their own justice in a chaotic postwar world.