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Dororo Episode 3

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ensysgaling1982 Is anyone already playing Sex-Anime Game ?=) Im a girl, searching for Sex partner! My character name is Jessinside20
28 minutes ago
5 months ago
DyingFetus Wooden katanas are more effective than real ones :0
8 months ago
AbyssGearSyxx I just rewatched this episode and I think that the kid complaining at the prosthetic guy is actually a dickhead. Seriously this guy spent more time taking care of him and providing for him than his own dad had. So what if he served a lord the killed his dad, he didn't own the land. In old Japan he would've been forced to commit seppuku even if he didn't want to commit suicide if he disobeyed the lord he served. Your life isn't based off ONLY the mistakes you make but ALSO what you do to fix those mistakes.
a year ago
gwc1954 A little hard to follow but very cool!
2 years ago
Feit4N good shiiit
2 years ago
JoeyTwinkletoes DOC looks like my step dad XD
2 years ago
miesumae I can't wait for monday! I want more!
2 years ago
Kaiten-kenbo The opening D&B track is sicckkkkk!
2 years ago
TehOneLexx This is a great remake.
2 years ago
hchen Dororo a girl?
2 years ago
PoisonQueen001 This is an amazing show!!! Can't wait until the next episode!!!
2 years ago
KinD Demon #3 Slain - Un-Named Demon "Right Leg" Restored. I'm really surprised that in the first two episodes I didn't notice his right leg wasn't a prosthetic. I'm kind of dissapointed also because I thought his limbs were going to be saved for bigger demon fights, but instead we just got a flash back against a demon who was killed almost instantly with no dialogue. Like what they did with this episode overall however.
2 years ago
Kazuma11291 I'd like it if each demon had a special trait associated with their own limb, corresponding to whatever one he'd get back from defeating it. That'd make it even more interesting. But it's still an amazing show, just thinking about living a life deprived of any senses or communication except this vague form of sight is mind boggling.
2 years ago
eTanak Checked everyday for new episode of Dororo. THIS IS SO GOOOD!
2 years ago
Raviox I like the depth of each episode. Great anime so far
2 years ago
Chypotlay That's the stuff. Keep it coming! ^^
2 years ago
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Type : TV Series
Genre: Action Shounen Demons Adventure Historical Supernatural
Date aired : Jan 07, 2019
Status : Ongoing
A samurai lord has bartered away his newborn son's organs to forty-eight demons in exchange for dominance on the battlefield. Yet, the abandoned infant survives thanks to a medicine man who equips him with primitive prosthetics—lethal ones with which the wronged son will use to hunt down the multitude of demons to reclaim his body one piece at a time, before confronting his father. On his journeys the young hero encounters an orphan who claims to be the greatest thief in Japan.