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Diamond no Ace: Act II Episode 4

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Latest Episode Comments
Crosaith Daaamn... They're milking this hard! First 7 + minutes are the intro and scenes from last episode. Seriously wtf? Garbage anime.
24 days ago
Ricardosoky ALSO every body knows its EASY to Bunt fastballs and this directors are ridiculous neither teams did Bunt moves, fkoff...
25 days ago
Ricardosoky To be honest this kinda annoys me, Furuya is Fast only that, fkoff...Compared to Inashiro this team is S*** ( Hakuryƫ High School has ONLY HONDO), and Seido evolved 0, wtf. This directors are drunk they are spoiling a great anime with zero logic, also this last game had tactic 0, worst game so far and episodes so far.
25 days ago
Joffleng Always sucks! all the secene! since then... Seido team...looser team!!! I will not watch this again!
25 days ago
Kyro1080 really? seems like they just opened up our boy to be the star??? he will never sit in the bullpin agian hince his picking up th esand form there.
a month ago
Affham yh really sucked balls
a month ago
wolfblade4556 no they didnt
a month ago
evan4594 suck main carecter become side carectter
a month ago
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Diamond no Ace: Act II

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Type : TV Series
Genre: School Comedy Sports Shounen
Date aired : Apr 02, 2019
Status : Ongoing
Prequel: Diamond no Ace
Picking up the next year after the end of the fall tournament, Seidou High School baseball team battle it out with new and old faces as they begin their tournament run at Koshien.