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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 65

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AlienBoi Holy fuck this is the guy that’s gonna fuckin bum rush Area51 with me
a month ago
billnye Niggers in my butthole
2 months ago
ZurrHero Really amazing episode! I love the fight that starts at 5:10. I think the taijutsu used was supposed to be a tribute to Wing Chun and Bruce Lee and Ip Man or something, and we can definitely see the relation there at 5:34 when Naruto was using it up close. Sasuke's foot channeling the direction of the sword at 5:30 was super amazing as well! I would just really hope to see more of that type of fighting and sounds of those fighting moves in the entire Naruto series ever since Rock Lee in the Chunin Exams of the first 50 episodes of the first Naruto series appeared, but after about 764 episodes it was compressed into about 10 seconds. It was still amazing haha and I know there were a few great taijutsu moments scattered in the series yet not enough... All the colors and the art and sounds and music and words and feelings exchanged in this episode was phenomenal as well as in episode 62 when Naruto sacrificed himself. It has me tearing up a lot. It's awesome how this episode gets such praise in all of anime at the time this was released.
8 months ago
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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

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Type : TV Series
Genre: Action Shounen Adventure Martial Arts Super Power
Date aired : Apr 05, 2017
Status : Ongoing
Prequel: Naruto Shippuuden
Naruto was a young shinobi with an incorrigible knack for mischief. He achieved his dream to become the greatest ninja in the village and his face sits atop the Hokage monument. But this is not his story... A new generation of ninja are ready to take the stage, led by Naruto's own son, Boruto!