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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 167

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Galaxycat552 I. Love boruto
2 months ago
YaYeet6969 damn thats alot of typing
4 months ago
IntenseIntrovert @ Betol - Kakashi has always looked young: in the original Nauto series, then in Shippuden, in all Naruto movies and OVAs, in the Rock Lee & his Ninja Pals (spin-off comedy manga series parodying Naruto, then animated with the same voice actors), in the Boruto movie, and finally here, in Boruto anime. But his youthful appearance is not really that suprising, considering that he is ONLY about 46 years old here, which isn't that 'old' at all. In fact, for me the much bigger mystery is WHY the heck so many other middle-age teachers or hokages from the original Naruto series look so abnormally AGED in Boruto. It's one of the (uncountable) reasons why this anime annoys me so much: what they did to Iruka-sensei, Anko-sensei, former Mizukage, former Raikage, Killer Bee, Kurenai (although to lesser extent in her case perhaps) and others, is simply OUTRAGEOUS. In case of Anko and for example Hiashi Hyuuga they changed not only their physical appearance, but also their personality, which angers me even more. They completely took away not only Anko's breathtaking beauty, but also her 'sharp nails', so to speak, her 'edge', drive, all that dangerous and risky aura surrounding her etc.... and in case of granpa Hyuuga they not only made him a peaceful, calm, loving grandpa (which would be believable, of course), but they suddenly made him all huggy-huggy, blushing and touchy-feely, which for old Naruto fans such as myself is not convicing at all, because it simply goes way overboard with is original proud, powerful, formidable, unshakable, self-controlled character, who had alwayes kept oters at a distance and wasn't easily moved by anything, even if the world around him was crumbling to pieces. He can love his grandchildren and be calmer in his older age, sure, but why does he behave more like an affectionate grandma than a wise grandpa now? That's the mystery. But I don't want to create too much offtopic here, so let's leave all other characters and come back to Kakashi himself - I've made some quick google research to refresh my Naruto-nerd knowledge and let me give you some actual numers: Naruto was 12 when we first met him, he was 14 at the beginning of Shippuden and 17 when the war ended. He married Hinata at the age of 19 and fathered Boruto when he was about 20. Boruto is supposed to be 8 when his own anime begins (which I find unbelievable, judging by his looks then, but let's roll with it), and he is 12 in 'Boruto the movie', as well as here, at this point of his own anime story. Now, if Boruto is indeed 12 here, that means that Naruto is currently 32, and Kakashi is 14 years older than Naruto, which makes him about 46 now. Which, like I said above, is not 'old' at all. If this statement isn't convincing in itself, I recommend reading a great article about it which I've just found on Tumblr, and which expresses thoughts and feelings very simillar to my own, in a clear, concise, funny and sarcastic way, and with pictures (!), which makes it all the more convincing and entertaining to read. The author compares the current look of Kakashi-sensei in Boruto with the current look of Iruka-sensei, who, in case you didn't know, is 4 years YOUNGER than Kakashi, but for some inexplicable reason looks like he was magically transported straight from his 30' at the end of Shippuden into the middle of his 60 now in Boruto, even though he should be about 42 at this point of the story... Then the author continues his critical post by comparing (with pictures again, to prove his/her point) Iruka's current look with the look of Jiraiya-sensei in Naruto, who, in case you've forgotten, was in his 50' in the original series and was still looking great. And finally the author of that article provides some chosen real life photos of different man in their 40', to prove how ridiculously absurd and unfair is the way Iruka looks in Boruto, especially comparing him to Kakashi, who is one of the few original Naruto teachers who simply looks as fine and physically fit as any man his age should look, especially if he's a highly trained Ninja and former Hokage, who is still very much capable of deadly fights, despite being officialy 'retired'. Anyway, here's the link to that Tumblr article (the author differs with his/her math calculations with me a bit, but he/she is talking about the beginning of Boruto anime timeline, whereas I talk about this moment right now, when we're at episode 167 - but other than that I fully agree with his/her conclusions) : --- I hope it's all right for me to post links to external sites here, and I apoligise in case it isn't. To finish te subject I will just add that while researching the subject I've found two more theories/statements of other Kakashi's fans I fully agree with: 1) Kakashi ages like a fine wine - the older, the better. And 2) Kakashi is like Keanu Reeves and simply doesn't age at all. Well, I couldn't express it any better than that and I love Keanu too (because who doesn't and because he's breatktaking), so I will end my post with that. And if anyone actually took the trouble to read my comment till the end AND also read the article I recommended above - thank you so much for your attention and have a very nice day/night, wherever you are.
6 months ago
Pearlmaypagats Looking forward to future episodes!
7 months ago
yourmailman just wanting to check how boruto going and all ready I see sus people
7 months ago
mista_alex Would you rather fuck Sarada or Kakashi?
7 months ago
Betol Am I wrong in saying that kakashi invented a jutsu that makes him look young? Wasn't he looking like a grandpa in the movie, or was it actually earlier in the boruto episodes, I remember him being with the other kage and naruto as hokage being all old with raikage. Now he looks like he did in shippuden.
7 months ago
IntenseIntrovert WARNING: a bit of a spoiler follows, so please don't read my comment before watching this episode. Thank you. And now some of my thoughts, feelings and impressions: As always, the appearance of old and original generation of Shinobi makes every Boruto episode so much better: I instantly smile, focus and simply enjoy it more when I can get at least a glimpse of Sakura, Sasuke, Naruto, Hinata, Shikamaru, Sai, Shizune and, last but not least - KAKASHI sensei, who will finally get involved in the story once again, HOORAY! Seeing some representatives of the younger generation of Konoha Shinobi was quite refreshing in this episode too, after the whole story arc without them. I love the hidden sensitivity of the 'tough' Iwabe, who was the only one able to understand Boruto's feelings. But I have to say I'm quite surprised that Chocho didn't come to visit Sarada in the hospital, together with Namida and Wasabi. Where is she? I suspect there is some significant explanation of her absence. And finally - I'm overjoyed that for once both Boruto and Sarada didn't win the fight with sheer luck and a bit of carefree optimism, and the defeat made them FINALLY start to treat their Shinobi job, their weaknesses and the obvious necessity of their future training seriously. As many other of faithful Naruto fans I sorely missed some PROPER training episodes in Boruto, and I really REALLY hope they will show us all the hard work , effort, failures, pain, sweat, exhaustion and GRADUAL progress in characters abilities, istead of instantenuous one. I'm glad that the true hero of the last arc was mysterious Mitsuki, not the usual prodigious Boruto-Sarada pair. I'm a bit nervous as to wheter or not Orochimaru will be able to fully fix and heal the damage Mitsuki has received and what might be the possible side effects of his treatment, considering that Oro seems to be back to his old creepy self and calls Mitsuki his 'precious sample' instead of his 'beloved child' as before... Oh well, I quess some of my questions will be answered soon, but I really, truly, honestly look forward to the next episode - which unfortunately doesn't happen very often for me while watching Boruto. But of course, as a die-hard Naruto fan I will follow our precious unpredictable, hyperactive and gutsy Hokage everywhere, so that inludes getting involved in his son's story too, even if it's [unfortunately] written by a different author, not by original master Kishimoto. Let's just hope that in the next story arc Boruto will finally live to our expectaions, at least partially and more than ever before.
7 months ago
treemangive hell yeah. finally I felt something good from this episode. FINALLY it's picking up!
7 months ago
Iillusi0 yosias gay solomon weldekidan
7 months ago
JkPanther Things seem to be picking up...
7 months ago
kpdnz Im watching the ending just for chibi mitsuki <3
7 months ago
ronelkevind First
7 months ago
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