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Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season Episode 4

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sasxke heth65rd5yrgr64u756jumgnhgrferr5ty67uyhgbfdswert56yu7jhgbfvdcsxsdesretyjuhgbfvdc
a day ago
Lostvayne007 @LeftKevin ¨i yearn for true gender equality´
25 days ago
LeftKevin The female characters are so useless and they are shown always sexy. Do they gain any depth??
2 months ago
Meowdead team Mineta at 420
2 months ago
5 months ago
bananalover231 all for one
6 months ago
WolfBladeKazuki Are you sure about that Todoroki
9 months ago
Otaku_13 One punch man + One piece= One for all
a year ago
dreiespacio08 NIce! i have a quirk like izuku midoriya too (ONE FOR ALL) /min'na no tame no mono!
a year ago
ImDaaBes ok ok the beginning is getting pretty repetitive
a year ago
MirageWatches So lit
a year ago
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Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season

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Type : TV Series
Genre: School Comedy Action Shounen Super Power
Date aired : Mar 31, 2017
Status : Finished
Prequel: Boku no Hero Academia
Sequel: Boku no Hero Academia 3rd Season
The second season of Boku no Hero Academia.