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makmamathe1975 Is anyone already playing Sex-Anime Game ?=) Im a girl, searching for Sex partner! My character name is Jessinside20
16 hours ago
IntenseIntrovert WARNING - this is probably my longest post on this forum ever, so it's dedicated to and directed at those people who REALLY like to read, and I'm not going to apologise for it's length to those who don't ;) - if you are ready to sacrifice some of your time to read my words, thank you for your trouble, but please proceed at your own risk (and only AFTER watching the episode above, of course). It's almost the end of the series, so I had to watch this episode twice, and get some sleep in between, to better organise my thoughts, and here they are: ---- 1) starting from the least important thing: there is something wrong with some part of the animation in the last few episodes, especially with Ishida's and Ichigo's face, but also with the faces of all the other Shinigami. In some scenes Ichigo's face seems strangely one-dimensional, expressionless and lifeless and his eyes and hair are almost lacklustre. I'm not sure it that was intended or not, perhaps it's supposed to emphasise his physical and psychological exhaustion or his final doubts and internal struggle to fully regain his old-new powers, but I don't know. It looks as if the characters were drawn by some other artist all of a sudden. Which brings me to point number ---- 2) All of the Shinigami who came to help Ichigo and to fight with the Fullbringers look so differently than before (maybe except Ikkaku), that it's either that weird, clumsy art-style again, or... it makes me wonder about the nature of Time in Bleach universe and the diffrence between its flow in the Human World compared to the simultaneous time flow in the Soul Society. I've always thought that if Shinigami can live hundreds or even thousand(s) of years, it surely means that their time flows much slower than the time of humans, who can rarely live even one hundred years, and usually live for some much shorter time. But it's been only 17 months since we last saw those Shinigami, and suddenly their faces look so much older, while humans didn't change that much, (except for their hairstyles) that it makes me think that much more time has passed in the Soul Society than in the Human World, somehow. It's even more confusing, when I remember Hiyori (the eternally angry Visored blonde girl with two pigtailsl) who didn't change much (or at all), neither in the physical nor in the intellectual or emotional sense, after spending more than a HUNDRED years in Karakura town. It seems to imply that Shinigami almost do not age in the Human World, but in their own Soul Society they might age and change a lot, even in the span of time which for humans seem only a year and a half (those 17 months since the defeat of Aizen until now, to be exact). I guess I have to read more about those time differences and its distortions in the manga, or on some reliable fanpage afterwards. Anyway, my point nr ---- 3) I don't understand Ichigo's anger and his rough abruptness in treating Ishida in this episode. Whether all his conclusions were right or not, the most important thing was that he stayed to support Ichigo till the end, if not with his special weapon, then at least offering some moral support and warnings, so he didn't deserve to be shouted at. It's a different thing to hear Captain Kenpachi shouting at Captain Ukitake: 'Shut up, I hate little details!' in the previous story arc, but the same behaviour somehow doesn't befit Ichigo and his friendship with Ishida. Well, anyway moving on to point nr ----4) I also don't understand why would Ishida and Ichigo fight specifically about their different interpretation of the whole 'Combat Pass' controversy, or why Ginjo's words about that special item should be considered as some sort of 'big reveal' at all. Perhaps it's only my own personal opinion, but nothing which was said about the true nature or function of that 'Combat Pass' was really any surprise for me, and none of Ginjo's words made me lose faith and trust in any of the Shinigami, and especially not in Captain Ukitake, who is 'the most peace-loving' of them all, as it was even mentioned in this episode. I mean... It's pretty obvious for me, that if we consider Shinigami as some sort of 'spiritual guardians', responsible for the safety of souls and for the balance of their number between the two worlds, then they simply can't afford to risk any strange humans, who suddenly awake some super-powers, run freely and do whatever they want, especially if they also posess the Shinigami powers, without all the proper training and special upbringing in the Soul Society. Therefore, if any human of that kind appears in the Human World, and if his or her powers match those of Shinigami lieutenants or even captains, then this person should be watched, controlled and generally supervised somehow, in case he or she would attempt to shake and destroy the safety and balance of the two worlds, in whatever way and for whatever personal reasons. So... it's a logical conclusion, that they (the wise Shinigami) would want to have some way to locate such a human, control his level of power, take it away, and in the worst case scenario also imprison or even eliminate him or her, if it becomes absolutely necessary to maintain the peace of the two worlds. And while it might seem unpleasant (at a first glance) to discover that the 'Combat Pass' was some sort of a locator or even a 'bug' to have Ichigo or any other Substitute Shinigami under control all the time, I also think that the Shinigami simply didn't have any other choice but to hand out those special locators, without fully explaining their functions to their wielders, for obivious reasons. Trusting someone is one thing, but people change all the time, and often for the worse... As we can all see with Ginjo's story, which is the perfect example of that kind of danger. Besides - all of the Shinigami (not only the Substitute ones) had some part of their powers located, sealed away and controlled while spending their time in the Human World every single time, except those rare ocassions, when they specifically asked for the special permission to lift up the seal and use their full Bankai mode when it was absolutely necessary. So it's not even as the Substitute Shinigami were treated in some worse way than the others, they simply weren't fully informed about how it all works because again - they weren't trained and educated in the Soul Society, and therefore couldn't be FULLY trusted, until getting the chance to prove their own worth and moral principles somehow, just like Ichigo did more than once, (and even after that some wise caution was still necessary and required). Which is why they (the Shinigami) risked to trust Ichigo again now, by restoring his full powers, even though they knew that if Ginjo would manage to convince Ichigo that he had been betrayed and that rebellion against the Shinigami was the best option, they would have to face TWO new, super-powerful enemies, instead of just ONE... I also disagree that the only function of the 'Combat Pass' was just to localise the specific Substitute Shinigami and keep him under control. It also served as a special device to help Ichigo leave his body whenever he needed to fight with Hollows, without Rukia's or Kon's help. AND most importantly, it DID have the function primarily explained by Captain Ukitake - it was a SYMBOL of trust between the Shinigami and their 'substitute' in the Human World, and it meant that he was permitted to fullfill his duties with their 'full blessings', AS LONG AS he used his powers to help and save others, not for his own hidden and treacherous agenda of any kind. So, summing up - all those Gijo's sneaky and spiteful words, aiming to shake and destroy Ichigo's faith in his Shinigami friends, didn't really reveal anything 'shocking' or even entirely 'new', at least in my opinion. And I don't believe that Captain Ukitake left the 'Combat Pass' in Ichigo's hands as some sort of 'riddle to solve', as Ichigo tired to explain it. It was obvious from the start that this object didn't have any real special powers in and of itself, it was simply a SYMBOL, justifying the usage of Ichigo's own innate powers for the good cause, and showing that the Shinigami were willing to trust him as long as he was doing his job well, and for the right reasons. Yes, they also did control him with that same object without his full knowledge, but that was simply inevitable to ensure the safety of the two worlds, if anything would go terribly wrong. So I'm glad that Ichigo himself sees the whole thing in the right light. MOREOVER, I also think that the hidden connection between Ichigo and the Soul Society, which was possible as long as he had the 'Combat Pass' with him all the time, had one more, very important reason - it allowed the Shinigami to know Ichigo's true thoughts, feelings and his current life choices all the time, and act accordingly to his own wishes. So, as long as he defiantly claimed, despite himself, that he 'doesn't care' about losing his powers or about getting them back, and as long as he was nonchalantly telling all his friends that leading a 'normal life' of a High School student was exactly what he wanted, and that not seeing any Ghosts and not having to fight any Hollows brings him true happiness and freedom - the Shinigami respected his wishes, and never appeared to him or offered to restore his powers back. But as soon as he was true to himself, and admitted that he still wants his powers, for the same noble reasons as before: 'to protect everyone as long as he can', and as soon as he CLAIMED his powers back and said this wish OUT LOUD - Rukia, Urahara and his father appeared behind him almost immediately, and poured all the possible powers back inside his soul, doing nothing more than just fulfilling his own true wish. And the best thing is, that this wish was apparently SHARED by all his Shinigami friends who were working on finding some way to make it possible, as soon as he would do as little as simply ASK for it again, with the full faith and conviction. And right after that the sky split opened to reveal all the Shinigami fighters, already waiting there and ready to help Ichigo in his battle one more time, as soon as HE would be ready to begin it --- 5) I also have a whole new theory about Isshin, aka Kurosaki the elder, I mean Ichigo's father, and about Urahara the Most Mysterious one, and I begin to consider both of them as being MUCH more guilty than all the other Shingami, when it comes to using Ichigo's good will and natural trust. It's quite annoying that they both kept him in the dark for so long, and hid too many secrets from him for a much too long time... but there is only one more double episode left to watch, so I will wait to see if my theory gets confirmed or discarded there, or I will search for some more details in the manga afterwards.
2 months ago
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Genre: Comedy Action Shounen Super Power Supernatural
Date aired : Mar 03, 2013
Status : Ongoing
15-year-old Kurosaki Ichigo is not your everyday high school student. He has from as far he can remember always had the ability to see ghosts and spirits. A fateful day arrives as Ichigo encounters the shinigami Kuchiki Rukia, who saves him and his family from a Hollow at the cost of injuring herself. During this encounter, with Rukia unable to defeat the hollow she transfers her shinigami powers into Ichigo. In the aftermath, unable to continue with her job, Rukia allows Ichigo to take on the role of a shinigami in her place as they together defeat the Hollows plaguing Ichigo's town.