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Bleach Episode 335

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9 hours ago
IntenseIntrovert (Filler arc continues) --- I still admired the animation of the rainy scenes at the beginning of this episode, just like at the end of the previous one. And the scenes of Ichigo travelling inside the Precipice World were also beautifully done - all those ever-changing, bubbling, dark corridor walls, and those iridescent, sparkling wind currents of Time... That was all very atmospheric. But the plot device used to explain how Ichigo could escape the destructive force of the Cleaner gave me a headache though. I mean I understood the gist of it, and I know how it's supposed to work within the well written Time Travel storylines in general, but it still makes one half of my brain try to fight with the other half, so in the end my mind just ties into a knot ;) It was very similar 'You were rescued by the time travelling You from the future, and therefore You must remeber in the future to save the You from the past' kind of theme as in the 'Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban' book/film plot, to use just one possible and generally well-known example of that kind of the storyline ;)
2 months ago
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Type : TV Series
Genre: Comedy Action Shounen Super Power Supernatural
Date aired : Mar 03, 2013
Status : Ongoing
15-year-old Kurosaki Ichigo is not your everyday high school student. He has from as far he can remember always had the ability to see ghosts and spirits. A fateful day arrives as Ichigo encounters the shinigami Kuchiki Rukia, who saves him and his family from a Hollow at the cost of injuring herself. During this encounter, with Rukia unable to defeat the hollow she transfers her shinigami powers into Ichigo. In the aftermath, unable to continue with her job, Rukia allows Ichigo to take on the role of a shinigami in her place as they together defeat the Hollows plaguing Ichigo's town.