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Bleach Episode 231

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an hour ago
IntenseIntrovert I know it's a filler, and some aswers will be (hopefully) provided later on, but right now, I just don't get it. The way I see it, like I said in my comment under the previous episode - Zanpakutou is a manifestation of each Shinigami's individual power, a part of his/her soul, a core of their hidden powers and possibilities.... and therefore learning to 'communicate' with your Zanpakutou means tapping into that undiscovered part of yourself, which is usually dormant, but which awakens to lend you more special power when you need it... Or something like that. And I thought that every time Ichigo sees his Zanpakutou in that special separate realm/dimension and it is shown as having a humanoid shape and given a name Zangetsu - it's only a metaphor of 'conversing' with a part of his own personality. And in this episode it is even said at the beginning, that Zanpakutou are born with their Shinigami, and die together with them too. So... they should be inseparatable, right? So how the heck, following all this lore, can any Zanpakutou detach itself from it's Shinigami, which is supposed to be it's source, and suddenly start to lead a spearate life, as a fully functional indivudual entity? And even if they truly ARE separate spiritual beings, why would ALL of them decide, at the same time, to betray their Shinigami and rebel against them, and attack them, and even try to subjugate them? I have a funny feeling that I'm probably just overthinking the filler, but it seems to go against the lore, so I'm just confused... And I don't want to check any Bleach fansite or wikipedia or google, to avoid ruining my own pleasure of learning the lore simply by following the story. I'm just spontaneously sharing my thoughts, impressions and unaswered questions as they are right now, hoping that they will make the future viewers feel less lonely in the comment section which is still so empty on this site... that you can almost hear the tumbleweed rolling across the screen ;)
3 months ago
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Type : TV Series
Genre: Comedy Action Shounen Super Power Supernatural
Date aired : Mar 03, 2013
Status : Ongoing
15-year-old Kurosaki Ichigo is not your everyday high school student. He has from as far he can remember always had the ability to see ghosts and spirits. A fateful day arrives as Ichigo encounters the shinigami Kuchiki Rukia, who saves him and his family from a Hollow at the cost of injuring herself. During this encounter, with Rukia unable to defeat the hollow she transfers her shinigami powers into Ichigo. In the aftermath, unable to continue with her job, Rukia allows Ichigo to take on the role of a shinigami in her place as they together defeat the Hollows plaguing Ichigo's town.