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MrD2YouBub wrote a review to Domestic na Kanojo
6 days ago
So I see complaints that the anime is not as good as the manga. Apparently some people don't understand that they can't squeeze everything in the manga into the anime. Otherwise you could end up with a series that has 20 one hour long episodes and yet still not get even a quarter of what's in the manga. Add to that the whole reason an anime is made is to make money. Now as for this anime let's start out that I have unfortunately NOT read the manga. Seeing the anime makes me want to read the manga because the manga is always better at expanding the story, filling in the holes, and giving each character more depth. This was a GOOD anime in my humble opinion. To start out the opening song was one of the best I've heard to open an anime and it was one that I didn't fast forward through with each episode. The story was very interesting and you really felt for the characters. And it didn't turn into hentai which would have distracted from the story. The story was about the emotions and the feelings, not the sex. The virgins here should get a clue. I'm hoping that the anime gets a second season. If I remember right the manga is still ongoing so the entire story hasn't been told.
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